Just a psych major
floating through life
one band
at a time.
I don't even know?

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How dare you blame this on me!

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lISTEn to MeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE wtfzayniall (.) tumblr (.) com/post/83571615692
and then i was like:


Noooooo. STAHP etttt!!!!

absolutely not. i am so stressed. you did this to me


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is everything okay? inhale. exhale. haha

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Day off slumber party! (x)

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freshman advice: just dont show up

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calling people on the phone is more stressful than open heart surgery 

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"successful people do what they need to do, whether they feel like it or not.

      —  elliott hulse  (via seabelle)

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like Anonymous said:
Angelina, thank you for the posts, but please tag Harrytop or Louistop so we know what kind of fic it is! I like both but I get in moods for certain ones. Thank you!
and then i was like:

So sorry! I try to make sure I tag all of them accordingly. Could you link me to the one I missed so I can fix the tag?

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